1Why is Appsamblea so safe?
Appsamblea verifies the identity of the voter. In other words, we guarantee that the person issuing the vote is the person they claim to be. Each vote is then encrypted with elliptic curve technology that guarantees anonymity. Finally, the vote is forwarded using Blockchain, a tamper-proof system.
2Who is it for?
Appsamblea adapts to the necessities of any kind of organisation or company, regardless of the size or industry. Age is not a barrier. This tool is intuitive and guides the user through the entire voting process, as it is aimed at voters of all ages.
3How does online voting work?
The admin roll is the first one to come into play: admins must adjust the settings of the voting process, load the voter census and launch the voting session. Voters will then receive a notification to verify their identity, access the voting process and participate in it.
4Do I need to sign up to use it?
Admins must create an account with Appsamblea. Voters will get an invitation and, if it is their first time voting, they will have to register and verify their identity.
5How does Appsamblea verify the identity of the voter?
Appsamblea uses the KYC (Know your customer) system, in which users must verify their identity using an ID. A simple process for the voter: as easy as taking a few pictures of their ID and a selfie of the person verifying their identity. This system is widely used by banks.
6What type of encryption does Appsamblea use?
Appsamblea uses elliptic curve encryption to encrypt votes and guarantee the secrecy of each vote. Each vote is automatically encrypted in each voter's browser and is sent to Appsamblea, making it impossible for anyone to look at the content of the vote.
7What is Blockchain?
Blockchain guarantees that any given transaction (a vote in this case) cannot be altered. Let's imagine that every time a transaction is issued it will be copied into thousands of notebooks at the same time. In order to alter that transaction, you would need to change more than 50% of the notebooks, something virtually impossible.

For us, incorporating blockchain technology ensures that once the vote is cast it cannot be modified, guaranteeing immutable results.
8What is the Appsamblea Kiosk mode?
The kiosk mode allows polling stations to be placed in physical offices using devices such as computers or tablets. The security of entire voting process is guaranteed, but voters can go to a physical place to cast their vote.