Cookies Policy


Both accessing and browsing the Website accessible from the URL: (hereinafter, the Website), owned by Appsamblea Online Voting, S.L. (hereinafter Appsamblea or the Owner, indistinctly) involves the use and downloading of cookies on the terminal equipment or device from which the navigation or access is made, in order to allow and optimize navigation and obtain statistical information on browsing habits, anonymously.

Users' consent will allow cookies to be downloaded, so that once the use of cookies has been accepted, preferences will be remembered for future visits to the Website. They can be deleted at any time and their use can be managed, although in this case, the Website may not function correctly.

We encourage you to read this document, so that you know in detail the use of this technology on the Website.

1. What are Cookies?


Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user's device or terminal, both from the website that has been visited, and from third-party web pages. Cookies are stored in the memory of the device used to navigate-browse, for various purposes.


2. Consent

When accessing Appsamblea we will offer you information about the use of this technology through the device with which you are accessing or browsing, requesting that you give us your consent to do so.

At any time you can revoke your consent to the use of this technology through the functions of your browser, disabling cookies or blocking the possibility of them being downloaded to your device or terminal. See section “4. Management and deactivation of cookies” of this policy to obtain more information.


3. Cookies used in Appsamblea

Due to its purpose on the Website, the following types of cookies are used:

Personalization cookies: those that allow the website to be adapted to certain pre-established general characteristics such as language, browser used or region from which it is accessed.

Technical cookies: they serve the task of providing fluidity and comfort while browsing the page, as well as providing it with security. For example, they allow identifying the session of a registered user.

Analysis cookies: they allow the obtention of information aimed at statistical analysis of the use that Internet users make of the page. Thus, they allow knowing what search terms users used to get to the page.

Advertising cookies: they are used to manage the existing advertising spaces on the page so that each user is offered advertising content in accordance with the content of the page and the frequency of the ads.

Behavioral advertising cookies: they allow the management of the advertising spaces existing on the page so that each user is offered advertising content according to their browsing habits and preferences.

Below is a list of the cookies specifically used in Appsamblea, their name, origin, type, persistence and purpose.


Nombre Origen Tipo Caducidad Finalidad
PHPSESSID Own Technical Sesión Strictly necessary, contains the identifier of the session. It is removed when closing the browser.
_icl_current_language Own- WPML Technical 24 horas Identifies the user's language
moove_gdpr_popup Own Technical 1 año When this cookie is enabled, they are used to save your cookie configuration preferences.
we_captcha Own Technical 30 días WordPress login security.
_ga Google Analytical 2 años It is used to control unique visitors of the web; it stores a unique client identifier.
_gat Google Analytical 10 minutos It is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session.
_gid Google Analytical 24 horas It is used to distinguish users.


You can enable or disable cookie settings on our website at any time through

4. Cookies management and deactivation 

If you want to revoke the consent given to the use of cookies, at any time you can disable or block the use of this technology through the specific functions of the browser you are using.

Below, we provide you with a list of instructions and links on the steps to follow for the activation, deactivation, deletion and management of isas depending on the browser:

Safari: With Safari open, press Safari> Preferences> Privacy> Cookies and website data and choose the desired option. For more information,

Google Chrome: With Google Chrome open, click on the Chrome menu icon> Settings> Show advanced options> Privacy> Content settings> Cookies and configure it, according to your preferences. For more information,

Internet Explorer 11: Click on the Internet Explorer icon in the taskbar> Tools> Internet Options> Privacy and customize the cookie settings according to preferences. For more information,

Microsoft Edge: In the browser, click on More> Settings> Advanced settings> Privacy and services> Cookies and choose the desired option. More information on:

Mozilla Firefox: With Firefox open, press the Menu button> Preferences> Privacy and security> History> Use custom settings for History and customize cookie settings according to your preferences. For more information,

Opera: With Opera open, click Settings> Options> Advanced> Privacy and security> Content settings> Cookies and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences. For more information,

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us through the following email address:, or if you prefer, you can write to us by regular mail at Iparraguirre, 38, ppal. dcha. 48010, Bilbao (Bizkaia), at attention of the Holder.